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Alpaka Garden

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Alpaka Garden

A fun and educational activity to get very close to the alpacas. After a short introduction, each participant receives a portion of food. This allows the alpacas to get close and comfortable. During this experience, it is possible to pet and take first-class photos with these loveable and curious animals. An experienced farm worker will guide this activity and will be happy to answer any questions about the alpacas.

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  • Expectations

Alpaca Garden does its utmost to deliver the alpaca group activity properly and as expected. You participate in the alpaca group activity entirely at your own risk. You should always follow the instructions of the staff of Alpaca Garden.

  • Booking

Group and personal activities can be booked online – via our website, or by phone on the following number 0036 30 500 1200

  • Confirmation

You will receive a confirmation by email with additional information.

  • Payment

Group activities are settled online at the time of booking, on a requested account or in cash on the day of the activity, before the activity starts. Our prices include VAT.

  • Cancelations

Alpaca Garden applies the following cancellation conditions if you are unexpectedly unable to participate in the group activity for which you have registered:

– up to 3 days before the activity you can cancel via the link in the confirmation email. We do not refund money, but a payment code on which you can make a new online booking.

– within 3 days before the activity you can possibly “sell” your ticket to someone else. We do not give a new date option within this time of cancellation.

  • Start time

Be on time. If you are 10 minutes late, you will unfortunately no longer be able to participate in the group activity. Don’t come too early either, because we won’t be ready to receive you.

  • Dress Code

Make sure your clothing is appropriate for the activity you are participating in and the weather conditions, the activities will also continue in the rain.

  • Liability

    Participation in the activities is in all cases and in all situations at your own risk. You must follow the instructions of the staff of the Alpaca Garden. Alpaca Garden cannot be held liable for damage caused by not following these instructions. Also, Alpaca Garden and staff can never be held liable for missing, loss or damage to goods of participants in the activities.

  • Alpacas

    As a guest of Alpaca Garden you are mainly a guest with our alpacas. Alpacas are eager to learn, intelligent and sensitive. To have as much fun as possible, the following is important:

    – listen carefully to the instructions you receive from us;

    – feed the alpacas only the food we give you;

    – never leave waste or food scraps;

    – behave calmly, do not yell, and do not chase the animals;

    – smoking is prohibited on the entire site.

    In case of misconduct in any form, we will ask you to leave the site. You will not be eligible for a refund of your payment.

  • Dogs

Unknown dogs for the Alpaca Garden are not allowed.

  • Ages

Alpaca Garden is accessible for all ages, but the type of activity must be taken into account. Children under the age of 12 can take part in a Meet & Feed.