Állatsimogató udvar a Normafánál

A great Day with

miniature ponies and piggies

Happy Birthday

A great Day with miniature ponies and piggies

The miniature pony farm sits on the edge of wild and magical Normafa and is a hidden gem of all things small, cute and cuddly!

Come along and surround yourself with miniature ponies and tiny foals, cute donkeys and podgy pigs.

Experience the weird and wonderful while exporing the hidden gardens and sand pits. Spy all the mini beasts, birds and bunnies that run around. Get down and dirty on our muddy puddle adventures or cuddle up with your own fluffy friend in pets paddock. There is so much to explore here at the farm as well as daily events and entertainment.

Our cafe serves a number of delicious treats, teas, hot and cold drinks as well as cakes.

Planning on bringing a picnic?

We have plenty of picnic benches, including in covered areas, for those damper days.

The Miniature Pony Farm is an animal lover’s idea of heaven located in the heart of Normafa, Budapest!

So much more than miniature. Our adorable miniature ponies and their farmyard friends.

Miniature Ponies: At the farm we have a huge family of Miniature Shetlands with a wide variety of colours, sizes and characters. Which one will be your favourite? All our Miniature Shetlands are adorable and love being stroked, they live as a herd all year round and their main hobby is eating lots of grass and being petted. Our visitors have the chance to get close to them in our front paddock. The miniature ponies have loads of friends at the farm, including Szöszi the Haflinger and our two Irish Tinker Horses Sam & Little Susie. Currently, we have approximately 25 equines at the farm, this includes our Miniature Shetlands, Miniature Donkeys, Irish Tinkers, a Mule and our Unicorn!

Do they make good pets, I have heard that they are naughty?

They are cheeky and mischievous but as with all ponies, with the correct training and care they can become a much loved part of your family. If you go into our Front Paddock with all of our ponies, you can see for yourself how lovely they can be.

– we have Tinkers and Shetlands
– miniature donkeys
– birds and Bunnies
– goats and Sheeps
– and Lovely Guinea Pigs
– outdoor play areas
– gift Shop and Treats
– pony rides
– children’s entertainers


Unforgettable Birthday Offer

Do you want a great day out? 2,5 hours of activities for the children? No mess to clear up or party to organise?
Then look no further than the birthday party package at The Miniature Pony Farm. We offer a comprehensive party package which includes everything you will possibly need.

* * * * * BASIC * * * * *

97,000 HUF

.: Each additional child: 8,000 HUF per person
.: The birthday child's parents + 2 adults (total of 4 adults) are guests of our Pony Yard, each additional invited adult: 3,000 HUF per person
.: Animator to help manage the birthday party (in music, cake cutting, gift-giving)
.: Beautifully set and elegantly decorated birthday table
.: Use of trampolines, saddle swings, fairy and giant sandboxes, playgrounds, pedal go-karts
.: Visit to Mini Pony, alpaca and petting zoo, Rabbit-City, Guinea Pig Village

You can add extra services to our basic package:
alpaka születesnap

Alpaca Garden

For children aged 3 to 10 years

 You will be introduced to all of our fluffy alpacas, feed them and pet some of the more sociable alpacas. There will be plenty of opportunity for pictures throughout the visit.

Price: min. 12 kids 3000 HUF/Person (kids and adults)

VIP option: theres is no vip option this entertainment is already ultra exclusive!

Pony rides

For children aged 3 to 10 years

Our pony rides are perfect for first-time riders and younger children. Our friendly and experienced staff are great at leading these rides and making sure the children have a great time. 

The session is 30 minutes long, with 2 horses.

Price: max. 12 kids 45 000 HUF

Each additional child: +3000 HUF

VIP option: +20 000 HUF
(Ride on a big horse)



Your choice of Piñata filled with a mix of mini Toys and Mini Sweet Mix.

Price of normal size: 22 900 HUF
VIP option: Design pinata
+26 990 HUF 

Option to add more sweets & toys

Treasure hunt on the farm


The thrill of research, the beauty of nature, and the discovery of treasure bring great joy. The children search for the treasures with the help of fairy tales with different themes. You can hunt for one big or many small gifts.

Price: max. 12 kids 45 000 HUF

Each additional child is +3990 HUF 

VIP option: Geocaching Treasure hunt +20 000 HUF

(The small team search for the treasure by following an arrow on a GPS device)

Crystal Mining


Discover valuable treasures and let your child experience the adventure of digging in a real gemstone mine.

Price: max. 12 kids 56 990 HUF

Each additional child is +3990 HUF

VIP option: +10 000 HUF
(bigger plaster block with extra crystals )

Sand Art Party


Life is a beach, and we’re just playing with the sand… Literally! Kids love to play with the super cool sand colors. They’ll have a blast making a masterpiece by using their creativity to make colorful decorations! You just need to peel off the pre-cut sections to reveal a sticky surface, and then sprinkle sand on it. It is very easy for children to do.

Price: max. 12 kids 49 990 HUF

Each additional child is +2990 HUF

VIP option: +20 000 HUF
(bigger self-adhesive card templates)

Jewelry Art Party


Stress – free, calm and creative play. We provide a gorgeous, sparkly and interactive jewelry making party all kids will LOVE! Children can select their own gemstones and beads, and make their very own beautiful designs, handcrafted jewels. All jewelry making supplies are included! Boys love beading too! We have sports – themed charms perfect for your sports fans.

Price: max. 12 kids 56 990 HUF

Each additional child is +2990 HUF

VIP option: +20 000 HUF
(You can make as many jewels as you want )

Alpaka Garden

Alpaca Garden

Choose this location if you want the rustic tranquility of country life. Covered but not heated terrace, with unique equipment. Close to animals and play area, yet far away from everyone because it’s just YOU here.

Állatsimogató udvar


The real western atmosphere.
Who do we recommend? For those who love adventure and nature. Tent, hay, benches. A nomadic, but still incredibly cozy, stylish wild novel location,

DWARF cottage

Choose this location if you want the rustic tranquility of country life. Covered but not heated terrace, with unique equipment. Close to animals and play area, yet far away from everyone because it’s just YOU here.


A real gingerbread house surrounded by large terraces. Here you don’t have to be afraid of getting wet if it rains. We recommend it to you if you like the vintage style, but here there may be 1-1 guests entering the cafe.

Important information for ordering

Would you like your child to have an unforgettable birthday party?

Entry to the farm where you can spend a lovely day and join in with all of the activities that take place…Birthday parties are great for pony lovers and for children who love to run around.

You will have access to our 3 different play areas and can attend as many activities as you like!

Payment is not required until the day of the party, however we will require a 20 000 HUF deposit to be given at the time of the booking. This will be will then be taken off your total bill.

Can all the children ride at the same time, and is it only 1 pony ride per child?

Unfortunately, we cannot allow the party group to ride at once. We adhere to strict health and safety and have a maximum of two ponies going at once (for 30 minute) in the riding session. All the party will get their ride and will ride one after another. Please note, you must attend when the pony ride starts! We operate a first come first served system, so there may be a small queue.

The medium package includes 30 minute ride for the children, if you wish for the children to have more rides you can purchase additional tickets at the desk in the front shop. These tickets are 2000 HUF/ 10 minute per ride and you will be asked to re-queue as we want to make sure we are fair to every child wanting a ride.

How many children does their need to be for a party?

We don’t have a minimum or maximum number of children needed for a party to happen, but booking is essential. Please note, you must call *** 0036 30 500 1200 *** before booking and use of the party room is subject to availability. If the party room is not available, we might still be able to host your party, but birthday cake will held in a different place. The rest of the package would be completely the same.

I have one 2-year-old at the party, can they still have a pony ride?

Unfortunately, due to our strict health & safety and insurance terms we cannot allow children under 2 to ride. We offer a reduced rate for children under 2 and this deducts the entrance fee and pony ride. They can still go to all the activities, and are catered for.

When you make your booking for the birthday party you will be asked to pay a 20 000 HUF deposit to secure the date, this is then taken off your total bill price.

Bank Information: (OTP 11732064-20065867-00000000 – Svábhegyi Kutyaszalon Kft.)

Please message us the exact date Our party packages are ideal for the whole family and even the adults will enjoy meeting all the animals!

birthday party
birthday party